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July Sales Tactics: Think Beyond the Discount

July is the classic “shoulder season” month. It’s nestled snugly into the dwindling crowds of June and the lethargic, sweaty sales of August. It can also be your biggest % growth month of the year. You have a choice. You can let July go by on autopilot, telling yourself that no one wants full priced product. Or you can be aggressive. You can recharge your displays and unlock the growth potential of a month when people are hungry for fresh colour and are willing to pay for it.

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Negative google reviews customer dig marketing

Bad Reviews 101

Bad Reviews 101 96% of unhappy customers will never complain, but they will tell 9-15 people about their experience. Those that complain are speaking for

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Stop Talking About Prices

Stop Talking About Prices  You’re an Indy Garden Center, and you don’t have the lowest prices. And that’s okay: your customers expect higher prices. So

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