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Specializing in digital marketing
for garden centres.

Strategic marketing that generates measurable results takes time, consistency, and dedication that busy garden centres don’t have the time or resources to achieve. 

That’s why we started DIG:  – a one stop marketing solution, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting the ROI on your marketing budget, and can go back to running your busy garden centre.

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Who We Are

We are a digital marketing agency serving Independent Garden Centres in the United States and Canada. We exist because Indy Garden Centres needs to compete better. To do that, they need a customized, full-spectrum digital solution that understands the industry.

If you want to stop trying to compete on price and start fighting to your strengths, then DIG can help you build your audience, establish thought-leadership, and bring younger customers into your Garden Centre.

This Month, on Business is Blooming:
Building Revenue for Indy Garden Centres  

The Power of Content in Email

I’m not shy about my faith in email marketing. It’s your highest converting, most cost effective, most flexible marketing tool by far. And it’s not going anywhere. 73% of Millennials still want to hear from businesses via emails. While they’re surfing social media for cat videos and to connect with friends, their email is where they’ve given us permission to talk to them and where they’ll be most receptive.