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Strategic, dynamic and successful marketing takes time that many garden centre owners don’t have. We get it. Our founder, Rob Sproule is in the guts of this reality as a co-owner of Salisbury Greenhouse. With writing in his heart and growing plants in his inherent soul, merging the two passions together seemed his obligatory responsibility not only for his greenhouse but for the industry.


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Let’s get to know one another. Sign up for a free 45-minute consultation with Rob to discuss your goals and biggest marketing challenges to see how our services might help elevate your sales. There is no obligation. Just industry peers collaborating to motivate more people to fall in love with your garden center.

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Who We Are

DIG is a team of entrepreneurs passionate about all aspects of digital marketing and motivated to use their skills to better your business. We work on an old school mentality that strives to leverage new-age tools to make your online presence more powerful. We are focused on Independent Garden Centres in the United States and Canada.

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Speak Your Message So They Can Hear It

Our second set of marketing takeaways from the latest trends report from Social Media Examiner is one that might resonate with you deeply. Seth Godin predicts that, in two years, people will no longer find gratification in Facebook. I’ve got to tell you, I believe we’re already there. Your friends, my friends, our peers, they’re all starting to check out of Facebook and check into life. It seems like the only updates you see from them are their family Christmas pictures.