“Siri, Where’s the Best Garden Center?” Are You Ready?

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“Siri, Where’s the Best Garden Center?” Are You Ready?


It’s the first of a new year and of course, there is a new trends report for marketing.
Did you just sigh? I sighed a little bit, too.

Social Media Examiner polled top experts, Seth Godin, Michael Stelzner, and others to outline the latest wave of marketing agendas. To be honest, I had to be in the right mood to digest what the gurus were projecting for this year. Feel free to read it for yourself, right here. But I’ve taken the time to review the article, a few times. I found some golden nuggets and real advice you can implement right now, and added a few trends myself.  

This is part one of the series, and I have to say, I’m actually excited to see this shift in marketing!
Let’s do this👊🏻


Smart Audio Will Make Everyone Smarter

Don’t believe me? Ask your “assistant”.

How many of you demand Alexa play your favorite James Taylor song for your evening nightcap? When is the last time you asked Siri how many ounces are in a quart? And have you experienced what Google Home can do for your lighting bill and security? My son has. He turned off light #2 the other night, with just a simple phrase. We all laughed as he commanded Google, but he’s seven. Imagine what life will be like for him in 10 years. Imagine how your customers will be engaging with technology and receiving their information, in three years. Already, one-fifth of Google searches are voice searches.

Smart audio is within everyone’s reach. You’ve been using it without evening know what “IT” was called. And your customers are using it more than they even realize. Asking your phone for instant advice will be the next best thing to asking your best friend for advice. Smart audio is making everyone smarter, and quicker. Google and other search engines find the answers to your audio questions by looking for content written or “optimized” on the subject. As you write or edit your blog posts, think of how your customer or potential customer may verbally ask a question that your content will serve the answer for.   

What this means for Garden Centers: Siri is already answering questions about the best landscaper in town. Or where to buy a succulent. I know. I just asked her. But she had horrible advice. Soon this automated feature will skyrocket into an everyday search for best plants, where to find them, and then how to care for them. Your knowledge will be even more valuable. And the need to have your content voiced, for the right ears to hear, in your local area is pertinent right now.

Only the top-ranked Garden Centers will make the cut to be listed first in Google’s search for the best place to buy a tomato plant. The way you rise to the top, or maintain the top slot is with your content. The articles you write about the “tastiest heirloom tomatoes for today’s gardener” — or — “the best way to prune your tomato for a bountiful harvest”, will help put you above the rest. Siri will also eventually start responding to more conversational inquiries. For instance, you may type to Google: “vegetables in Edmonton, Canada” whereas you may ask Siri: “Where can I get cayenne pepper plants near me?”

Beyond the blog, producing podcasts will help reach an audience that prefers to learn while driving, running or while doing the dishes.


What to do today: Start finding your voice. It’ll be more useful than you know, and before you’re even ready to hear it. Don’t get rid of your Georgia twang! Embrace it and your charismatic manner. You be you. And start practicing this voice in the car ride to work. Someday soon, your customers will want to hear you coach them through how to trim their roses, as they stand in their own garden.

How DIG can help: Our team of SEO specialists focus on the best words to keep your content on Google’s shortlist and accessible to whatever audio speaker your current customers and potential customers are asking advice from. If you need some guidance, this is our jam. I know you’re using a smartphone to get you from point A to point B in the car. If you’re ready for a shotgun rider, let us help drive your customers to your digital space.